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Coating Pan

The process of coating tablet's and confectioneries depends to a large extent on the personal skill of the coater. Some of the important factors which affect the process of coating are: Rotational speed, Angle of inclination of Pan, Volume and Temperature of hot air, and shape of pan.

Coating Pans are incorporated with the above design features and are available in various sizes. Other geometrical shapes and angles can also be provided as per requirement. RPM of Pan can be kept fixed or adjusted by a vary pitch pulley or ac frequency unit. Hot air blower is provided to feed hot air at 40°C to 80°C temp, controlled by a thermostat. Quantity of hot air can also be controlled by a damper.

Polishing Pan with canvas lining available as optional with quick and easy mounting arrangement for mounting on to drive hub.

Coating Pan have very heavy & sturdy structure , made from M.S. Structural material and covered from all sides.

Coating pan made from SS304 or SS316 material and polished to the mirror finished from inside & outside.

Used For Drying

Powders,Granulates,Tablet substance, Herbs, Tea, Salt, Kernels, Cocoa, Plastic powder, Plastic granulates, Seeds, Products of macro and micro chemistry, Animal bristles, Textile fibers etc.

Special Features

  • Temperature controller provided for temp. controlling.
  • Compact hot air blower with inlet air damping arrangement.
  • Easy mounting arrangement for change over from Coating Pan to Polishing Pan.
    (A.C. frequency drive for variable speed of coating pan will be also provided on demand)
  • Needs no foundation, can be installed on properly pre-levelled floor.
  • Flameproof construction optional.