Planetory Mixer

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Planetory Mixer

Machine Description:

Planetory Mixer is a modern heavy duty mixer designed specially for uniform Mixing by planetary movement of beater(agitator). Detachable cylindrical bowl with flat / hemispherical bottom of suitable dimension and Batter / Dough Hook / Wire Whip Cage Type blade is constructed out of SS-316 / SS-304 / MS Material. Detachable agitator is bolted / fitted manually by simple twisting action.


The Blade is driven by Single / Two / Variable Speed electric motor with suitable gearbox. Planetary disc is rotated clockwise and blade in an anti-clockwise direction on its own axis with suitable rpm. If variable speed is required, AC frequency unit will also be provided.


The whole drive assembly is rested on MS column with heavy base frame and mixing bowl is fixed with MS fabricated bracket. The bowl with bracket is raised/down manually by handle in respect of small machines and motorized or hydraulic system is provided for lifting / lowering drive head with agitator in respect of heavy duty machines.

Special Features:

  • Bowl will be jacketed for heating or cooling.
  • Mixer can be designed to operate under vacuum to avoid air entrapment in product during mixing.
  • The bowl will be provided with caster wheels for easy movements for cleaning, washing and handling mixed materials.
  • Single blade / double blades and a Teflon edged scraper will be provided for scrapping the material from the sidewall.
  • GMP / NON-GMP / FLP construction


Generally used in mixing of liquid-liquid, liquid-solid, solid-solid blending like wet mass, ointments, creams, toothpastes, lotions, cosmetics, pesticides & insecticide formulations, adhesives, colors and pigments, food & confectionaries, ceramics, rubber compounds, resins etc.