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Ribbon Blender

Mixers have long been noted for their efficiency in mixing dry powders and granular materials, adding small quantities of liquids to a dry batch, and for flowing paste. Recent modification in design, and the addition of auxiliary equipment have, however, greatly increased their field of usefulness.

Ribbon Blender is suited for solids blending where the material is less than free flowing. They are available in the customary U-Shaped trough with a variety of agitator arrangements. We offer sanitary design as well as heavy-duty versions utilizing heavier walls and oversized shafts and bearings for especially dense materials.

Fast and Effective Blending : The Ribbons (Inner and outer) are so arranged that when rotated it reaches each and every corner of the trough and imparts radial and linear motion to the whole of the materials to be mixed. At the same time material is moved from side of the trough to the centre and from the centre of the trough to the sides, resulting in quick and fast homogenising of the product. Blending is achieved in semi fluidised state in the upper zone of the trough when used for fine Powders. Double Ribbon configuration also brings material towards central bottom outlet when discharging.


  • Blades are designed to suit specified product characteristics.
  • Triple mixing action for fast and efficient blending.
  • Gland packing is provided with Teflon bush and PTFE Braded gland. The Gland can be replaced without dismantling drive assembly.
  • Guards/Grills and limit switches are provided for maximum operator safety.
  • Blenders are ground and buffed for smooth and clean working.


  • Equipments will be fabricated from M.S./S.S.304/SS.316 (GMP/NONGMP).
  • Discharge either by tilting arrangement or through valves and automatic arrangement.
  • Custom built chopper blades.
  • Wireless remote control operation for toxic product.
  • Detachable shaft.
  • Powder loading device with dust free system and transfer.
  • Unit with heating/cooling jacket.
  • Unit suitable for vacuum application.
  • Spray system for liquid addition.
  • Flame Proof electrical equipment.